Everybody knows that “bad video” feeling.

You’re stuck in a room watching a video that’s too long and boring. You’re probably polite enough not to say anything about it, stifling your yawns and groans. It’s shaky. The lighting is wrong. The sound isn’t clear. The message is muddled.

Don’t do that! Call us instead.

Celebrate Media Group knows how to make great videos. Whether it’s shown at a live event, on your website or in your advertising, we’ll help you avoid those “bad video” vibes to get your message across in exactly the way you intended: positive, polished and professional.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Celebrate.

Derek Price


Derek has been making videos since he was in high school an uncomfortably long time ago. His favorite part of the production process is writing and editing.

Tiffany Reynolds


Tiffany is a genius behind the camera and helps make our content sparkle.

Erika Dunn

Customer Relations

Erika loves people and helps spread the word about the great video work we do.