Custom Video. Flat-Rate Pricing.

Celebrate Media Group is now offering a way to help local businesses quickly, easily and affordably create quality videos to show off their products and services.

We call it a “Visual Tour.”

For a flat rate — ranging from $325 to $500 depending on how complex you want the finished product to be — we’ll send a videographer to film at the site of your choice for an hour, then deliver a finished video within a week.

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What Does It Look Like?

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What Does It Include?

We offer three price points, depending on the level of post-production you need.

Level 1 – $325
• 1-hour video shoot of property or product
• Background music
• Static graphics
• Editing into short
promotional video
Level 2 – $400
• Motion graphics
• Voiceover recording, your voice or ours
Level 3 – $500
• Green-screen recording in studio
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Who Can Use It?

Anyone! Our examples show ways Realtors and car dealers might benefit from it, but the possibilities are endless.

Examples include:

  • Real estate agents who want to show off one of their listings
  • Car dealers who want to talk about a new vehicle that just arrived on their lot
  • Retail shops that want to show off a new location they’re opening
  • Service providers who want to explain what sets them apart from the competition

Bottom line: If we can shoot it in an hour, we’ll be able to create a great Visual Tour to show off whatever you’re selling.

Are There Optional Add-Ons?

Yep. If you want a drone flight as part of it, that will cost an extra $150. (We hold an FAA commercial certificate and are fully insured.)

If you want a professional voiceover artist, we can audition people nationwide and hire the voice of your choice for $150, too. You can choose a voice style (age, sex, character voices, etc.) and we’ll get you several to pick from to find the perfect voice to match your message.