Celebrate Media Group’s studio is located in Greenville, Texas.

You’ve got a story to tell. And at Celebrate Media Group, our job is to help you tell that story in a clear, concise, powerful way.

Whether you need an online video, broadcast commercial, movie theater pre-roll ad or content for a live event, put our expertise to work for you.

Everyone has a story. And we’d love to help tell yours.

Check out some examples of our work here.

In the Studio …

The Celebrate Media Group studio is built for content creation in a wide variety of styles, from explainer videos to still photography and audio recording.

To more efficiently create high-quality video and audio recordings, Celebrate Media Group opened a studio in Greenville, Texas in 2019.

The studio space is equipped to deliver a wide range of content, from “talking head” explainer videos to music or voiceover recording and still photography.

Studio equipment includes:

  • Powerful, configurable lighting
  • Shotgun and lavalier microphones
  • Teleprompter for scrolling text
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Flexible backdrops, including a green screen for chrome-key recording

Or on location …

Most of our work is done outside the studio, wherever the action is happening that will help tell your story.