Our Process:

A Tried-and-True Video Recipe

What goes into creating a great video? As much as we’d like to tell you it’s a secret, mysterious, complicated process that only Hollywood geniuses would understand, it’s actually pretty simple. Here’s our three-step recipe for solid video marketing.

Step. 1: Listening

We think the first step is the most important. We start by understanding your narrative, ensuring your message is at the heart of our production. We’ll listen carefully about what you need and what your goals are for the video project. After we have a clear picture of your mission, we’ll help you come up with a creative plan for what your video should look like.

Step 2: Creating

Next, our experienced team takes your story and crafts a compelling visual narrative. We’ll put your video shoot on the calendar and methodically film each piece of the project, one by one. Our talented videographers will capture all the images needed to tell your story in a beautiful way, following the plan we created after listening to you.

Step 3: Celebrating

Together, we bring your story to life and revise it until it’s exactly what you want to deliver: a video worth celebrating. Typically, within two weeks of the shoot date we’ll have a first draft of your project ready for review. If we did a good job listening in Step 1, the necessary revisions will be quick and easy. We’ll keep revising the video until you’re happy with the finished product, then deliver the finished video file for you to release wherever you want.

Leave the right impression.

Don't risk "bad video" vibes.

Deliver a polished image.

Your stories, uniquely celebrated.

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