Every community is unique. That’s why the right kind video of can be the perfect way to show off all the great things your city has to offer.

When a city wants to attract the best residents, tourists, businesses and employees, it needs to stand out from the pack. You can show pictures of pretty buildings and amenities in your area, sure, but that’s not enough to help people truly understand what your community is about.

For that, you need context. And for context, you need people.

We think the best kind of community marketing focuses on people first and foremost. A list of selling points is a great place to start, but it takes people on camera to bring those selling points to life.

Ways video can help a community grow include:

  • Economic development efforts to attract and retain the best businesses
  • Tourism videos to help put “heads in beds” and grow sales tax revenue
  • Promoting and building excitement around city events
  • Giving voters accurate information about ballot issues
  • Building awareness about important civic programs
  • Creating quality website visuals that paint your city in its best light

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